Choosing and finding an certified iphone repair person in Newark, Delaware. Being the proud owner of an iPhone is only one side of a glamorous coin. When your iPhone needs a repair, it suddenly would seem too costly or you might think it is a burden for iphone repair. You must remember that the iPhone is a powerful appliance or better yet, a computer miniaturized to carry in your pocket that can cater to a wide range of facilities to its users, which makes it a valuable possession. Therefore, hitch up for a multitude of options that you have got to repair your precious iPhone. Repairing an iPhone is tricky. There are two primary options.

The first that you can try your hand at repairing it yourself at home using the methods shown on or even another online tutorial  guide and ordering the iPhone repair kit. The second choice is to locate a qualified and highly trained plus licensed Delaware iphone repair service shop that can repair your iPhone the right way. Now I know you probably want to save money but really, the second option is a better one. Opening and messing around all those tiny, intricate circuits inside the iPhone, SMH, it is a way better choice to give it to a professionally trained person, or you might just end up damaging it a lot more than it already was in the first place.

I don’t even think even those guys who generally repair other model phones cannot handle repairing the newer models such as the Next Generation iPhone 7. Hence, an iPhone needs special attention. Even though opting for a good repair shop for an iphone repair could be costly, I think іt is worth the money. You can even call the APPLE IPhone technician to repair your iPhone at your house right in front of you just in case you do not want to leave your iphone at the repair shop. The problems іn your iPhone can really be of any sort of thing. The screen might be cracked or the LCD Digitalizer might have started to bleed strange colors or the battery might have suddenly died out.

For all these problems I do not think you should even risk it by trying your self-help fix, instead always get professional help. Just a warning though, that If you go to an Apple store they may try to convince you it is not worth fixing and just buy a new reconditioned phone or even a brand new iPhone rather than trying to repair thе defective part for you. But they will ask for our old one and fix it then sell it as reconditioned anyway So, just go to an iphone screen repair in Newark, DE shop. These places do not make you spend more money than is required. You can begin shortlisting places for your iPhone repair.

Try looking around a bit at around your work place, or inquire some of your friends, relatives and people you see with a iphone. Note their references to various stores and choose what you think would be the best. Though all this needs a lot of patience, it is madе easy wіth a lot of options. Call the stores that you have shortlisted or consult the websites and carry out a small research. If it is too difficult for you to get to the repair shop, you can just have a technician come to your home, I know there got to be an come to you repair man. An iPhone repair shop is present in most of all the major cities, so I know there are a few here in Newark, DE.

You just might have to live without your iPhone for at least 24 hours. I know that’s hard for many to do but, what can you do if it’s just not working now. Repairing an iPhone is almost an art. So, choose wisely, a repair shop that repairs only iPhones or Apple products too. What should have been the end of an old iPhone can be avoided with a good repair option. If it is water damage or maybe a broken USB charging port problem or the most common one, screen damage or volume control repair, you need to get to the right place for an effective repair service. Call an iPhone repair that is nearest you and get your iphone working again.

Just remember the most quickest way is like I did, I went to Google and found one three blocks away and it had good reviews in Google my business so I went there. If you are in the neighborhood of Brookside stop by Marrows Wireless and ask for Abdo, he is the best screen, dead battery, loose charging port, stuck home button, loose earphone jack iphone repair person I know.

Lucy Minjaros,

Whispering Pines



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We are the Iphone repair experts

Are you experiencing a cracked screen, dead battery, broken camera or some other issue with your iPhone? You’ve come to the right place! At Marrows Wireless Iphone repair Service – Delaware’s best Iphone Screen Repair Services, we have expert trained technicians ready to get your Apple Iphone working properly. All our repairs, parts and labor are warrantied for repair with the Marrows Wireless Guarantee… if you’re not happy, neither are we.

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Our Iphone Repair Services: Fast & Quality just what you deserve.

Samsung Galaxy 6 repair - Marrows Wireless

Marrows Wireless Iphone Repair Services 50 marrows road Newark, DE 19713 302-368-4183


Samsung Galaxy Smartphones is the number 2 hottest mobile devices on the market world wide today. Just think about us If you have or get any breaks or cracks in your phone, no need to send it to the manufacturer just bring it to us and we’ll fix it while you wait..

Marrows Wireless Iphone Repair Services 50 marrows road newark, DE 19713 302-368-4183 for a 5% discount tell them you came cause the website

Marrows Wireless Iphone Repair Services 50 Marrows road Newark, DE 19713 302-368-4183


The Apple Iphone is rated as the number one phone to own. It is a high end smartphone that integrates with all Apple products. Apple Iphones are sleek and just plain ole sexy looking. The only bad flaw is that both front and back are covered with glass. We all know how sensitive glass is and cellphones are dropped everyday and when you crack the screens the phone is ruined…. But instead of getting rid of your almost $1000 iphone you just have to bring it to us so we can revive it from the ashes while you wait. Once we repair the screens it will look just as it did fresh out of the box.

Marrows Wireless Iphone Repair Services 50 marrows road newark, DE 19713 302-368-4183 for a 5% discount tell them you came cause the website

Marrows Wireless Iphone Repair Services 50 marrows road newark, DE 19713 302-368-4183


Keep Going Without Worry about battery dependency. The LG G6 Battery Is Tested To Higher Standards then any brand phone on the market today. It comes with superior sound:Dolby Vision · They are both Water And Dust Resistant (More features then the Iphone and Samsung phones) · 5.7-inch Quad HD Display · Dual-Lens Camera: Features 9/10 – Ease of use 9/10 – Appearance 9/10 – Reliability 8.5/10 – Prices 8.5/10 but if you manage to break it we can fix it fast for you while you wait just call first to ensure we have the parts in stock.

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Marrows Wireless Iphone Repair Services 50 marrows road newark, DE 19713 302-368-4183 for a 5% discount tell them you came cause the website

If it still functions we can fix it so bring it to 50 marrows road in the Brookside part of Newark,DE

Screen Repair Services, Provider Unlocking Service, Service Activation, Screen Repair or Replacement,  and much more at Marrows Wireless.

Fast delivery

Call us to bring your phone back to life. We try our hardest to give you a quick turn around, meaning we try to fix your phone the same day and most times while you wait.


Quality Unlocking service

Many carriers do not like losing customers so they started locking their phones to only be used on their networks. Today’s technology allows us to quickly remove that lock for you to use your phone on any carrier network of your choice. Come let us unlock your device in minutes.

Phone service

We now have access to some of the largest phone carriers in the world and we now can activate your phone quickly on one of our pre-paid service plans and there’s many to choose from.

Marrows Wireless Iphone Repair Services 50 marrows road newark, DE 19713 302-368-4183 for a 5% discount tell them you came cause the website

Screen repair completed in less than 1 hour and our customers love us for it….

Quality Service while you wait – Marrows Wireless Iphone Repair Service

Apple Iphones are the revolutionary future of mobile technology

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I took my poor banged up, smashed up iPhone 6s here based on the many five star reviews on Google and because it was enroute to work and how close it is to my house. I can only add my own enthusiastic recommendation to the list. My screen was repaired speedily and the service was honest and friendly. Abdo, the manager was so sweet and he kept checking to see if i needed something while I wait. He fixed it quickly within 45 minutes or so. I thanked him and went to work. Later on, well two days later I discovered the phone was no longer working correctly, rather than implying it was because the phone had then saying maybe the phone was not fixed right in the first place I took it back, I was greeted with great concern. About 45 minutes later the phone was like new again with apologies that I had to come back and he said when he put it back in the otterbox case He shifted something loose but still was no extra charges tagged on and apologized and gave me a free screen protector for my son’s phone. I wish more businesses were this competent, friendly and ethical.

iphone repair - marrows Wireless

Sheri S.
Bear, DE



I had a cracked screen on my Nexus 7 tablet and when I tried contacting some of the major chains about getting it fixed I was told they either couldn’t do it or would have to send it out. When I looked for cell phone repair shops I saw Marrows Wireless was in my neighborhood by the Walgreen’s Pharmacy and gave them a call. I was told it would take about a week (Friday to Friday) to get it fixed because the part needed to be ordered and with the price I was quoted, I felt it was very reasonable so I dropped it off that night. I got a call the following Tuesday saying my tablet was ready to pick up, three days ahead of schedule. Picked it up and now my tablet, which is used as an electronic textbook, is as good as new.
Abdo was fantastic. Not only did he go out of his way to get a quicker turn around for my device, but he was also very pleasant. I hope I don’t need his services again, but if I do I will be back, and I’m sending my friends as well.

Marrows Wireless Iphone Repair Services 50 marrows road newark, DE 19713 302-368-4183 for a 5% discount tell them you came cause the website

Marrows Wireless – Five Star Reviews

Michael L.

Townsend, DE

Michael is very happy since he took his phone to Marrows Wireless to be fixed…. EXCELLENT WORK.




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Marrows Wireless Iphone Repair – Newark, DE – Iphone Repair near me

At Marrows Wireless Iphone Repair we have many services to offer to you. We fix most electronic devices such as Ipads, tablets and of course cellphones. Most repairs are performed the same day. Marrows Wireless is located in Newark, DE on Marrows Road in the Brookside section of Newark near all the shopping areas. We are right across from the Family Dollar and Planet Fitness. We also provide phone service from providers such as Net 10, H20, Simple Mobile, Go Smart, BOOST MOBILE and Page Plus.

Majority of our service plans include unlimited talk, text and data. Most plans also start at $45 per month. We carry new and re-certified cellphones for sale. We carry a large variety of phone accessories such as blue-tooth speakers, earphones and even blue-tooth sunglasses. If you need home Internet service we carry the Xfinity prepaid Internet package that starts at $80 the first month then $45 every month after. There are no contracts, it is pay as you go service so you can stop it and start it at your own convenience.

We also provide various services such as
Unlock carrier phones
-Phone Repair
-Screen repair
-Phone rebooting
-We buy phones (only in good condition & preferably Iphones)

pebblebee - Iphone Repair

Pebblebee PB-501-G Pebblebee Finder Key and Phone Finder with Replaceable Battery, LED Light, Black: Amazon Launchpad.














We also carry a new device that many can use to find your lost devices or keys. The ground breaking device is called PeebleBee Instant Finder. Find your misplaced keys or phone in seconds. Durable, long range, replaceable battery. With the Pebblebee® Finder – You cant lose!

Find your misplaced keys and phone in seconds.

No one plans on losing things. It just happens. The average person spends two full days per year looking for their misplaced phone. Add on time spent looking for keys… That’s a lot of time!

Thankfully, you don’t have to rely on yourself anymore. With the new Pebblebee Finder – the longest lasting Bluetooth tracker – you can’t lose! FINDERS KEEPERS LOSERS WEEPERS. The Finder utilizes a surgical grade stainless steel ring to provide a classy look with durability second to none. The loud beeping alert and flashing red LED light allows you to quickly track and find your important items.

IN A CLASS OF ITS OWN. From the get-go we knew we wanted a sleek, sexy design that was pleasing to the eye and felt great in the hands. It was important that our Finder looked as if it was meant to be there. SIMPLICITY AT ITS BEST. The Pebblebee® Finder and our new app are so easy to use. Open the app, press Find and instantly find your valuables. Or, squeeze the Finder to ring your phone even if it’s on silent mode. Lost is found.

The Pebblebee® Finder may be small but its speaker gives off a loud alarm that can be heard up to 200 feet away at 85 decibels! LEADING THE WAY. Our new technology gave us the ability to stretch tracking capabilities up to the 200 foot mark.

So as you see the PeeblBee is a must have for those whom misplace their keys a lot. It starts at the very small price of $30.

This is one of the many devices you can find at Marrows Wireless Iphone Repair services, 50 Marrows road, Newark, DE 19713.
302-368-4183 call or stop by anytime.

from Marrows Wireless Delaware’s #1 Rated Iphone Repair Service.


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