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So you have a cellphone and growing tired of the outrageous aounts you pay every month or just tired of getting dropped calls and want to change carriers. We can help you with that. For a small onetime fee we can unlock your phone to use with other carriers. If you choose we can turn it on with Boost Mobile or one of our countless prepaid phone plans.
We specialize in Apple Iphone Repair services, though Iphones are our specialty we can fix all mobile devices. Most of our repairs are performed the same day and under an hour. Come in with your broken phone nd leave with it almost better then new.
We carry various phone service plans from companies such as Boost Mobile, Net10 and many more. Most of our prepaod phone plans have unlimited plans meaning you can talk, text and surf the internet indefinitely*.
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Need a  New Phone?
We carry named brand phones like Apple Iphones new and recertified, Samsung, LG and many others, too many to name now. Come choose your new phone today.
Do we carry Accessories?
We carry all of the accessories like bluetooth speakers, bluetooth wireless headsets and even the NEW bluetooth excercise headset - it's the latest craze! Come get yours today!
Iphone Repair Specialists.
Do we fix tablets also?
The answer is yes we fix most mobile devices if we have the replacement parts in stock. If we don't have it we'll order it and it'll be there in 1-3 days ready to be installed.
Our technicians studied hard to learn all the recent techniques to fix mobile devices and are constantly upgrading their knowledge..
Our techs have way more than book knowledge my friend they've got hands-on experience. Most have over 10,000 hours of hands on training.
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